Math 200: Linear Algebra

Instructor: Steve Abbott, Warner 402, x2256,

 Text: Linear Algebra and Its Applications, (4th Edition) by David Lay.

Assignments: Assignments will come in several different forms during the term...

(i) There will be a steady flow of daily assignments given at the end of each lecture. Due dates are posted on the homepage. You are encouraged to get help and give help on these. Grades will be based as much on effort as on correctness.

(ii) You will also be given carefully designated pledged assignments. These will consist of a review of problems similar to the daily assignments along with a few questions designed to extend the scope of the ideas. No collaboration will be allowed on these, although as with everything else, you are welcome to come and discuss questions with me. These will be graded like a take-home quiz, which is what they essentially are.

Exams: We will have one mid-term exam, scheduled for Tuesday evening, March 28th. (The evening schedule is meant to eliminate time constraint pressures.) There will also be a closed-book final exam during exam week. The schedule for finals is posted early in the term, so please don’t make any travel arrangements until you know the date.

Collaborative Projects: Once we get through the first few chapters, we’ll slow down and explore some interesting applications of linear algebra in the form of small group projects. Each of these projects will involve using the computer to handle the computations, and we will schedule a few classes in the computer lab...

Maple: is the program we will use. I will introduce you to the basics of Maple which has a very advanced linear algebra package built in. Many of you got a student version of this package with your text. The software is also available in most computer labs around campus.

Grades: Your grade will be computed from the following recipe:

10% regular assignments and class participation

20% pledged assignments

20% mid-term exam

25% collaborative projects

25% final exam

Including class participation in the above formula is meant to make the point that I expect you to be in class and contributing to discussions. Let’s work hard and have a great semester.

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